About Me

Welcome to my blog, folks!  I hope you’ll stop by and tell me about yourself and your blog.  It would be great to e-meet you.

A little about me….  I’m just a simple girl doing my very best to do the right things, in the right ways, at the right time and for the right reasons.  I often come up short.  And on occasion, I can surprise myself.

I love my family, and am in a chapter of my life where I spend a lot of my time taking care of my dad.  We’re both pretty young for this, so we’re just winging it to the best of our abilities.  I also work in research to prevent moms and babies from dying in Africa and India.  A job that far exceeds my ‘cool factor’.  The rest of my time is bound up in trying desperately to not be a boring yet.  I’ve spent years of my life dedicated to martial arts, bluegrass, jazz, swing dance, running, and more recently, I’m trying my hand at olympic weightlifting.  Quite a feat for the spastic girl from down the road.  Trust me, as a young women, you will do anything to not be defined exclusively by your desk job, even if it is pretty cool.  Which brings me to my latest hobby, blogging.  I guess I created this space because I needed to have some sacred blurting space… Everyone needs a space in their life to let their hair down, and this is mine.


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