30 Here I Come

It’s starting.  I’m aging.  The grey’s aren’t even sparse in my hair anymore.  A recent study found that the average age a women starts to feel old is 29, and buddy in a few days, I’ll turn 29.  Yikes!

In preparation for the be 3-0, I’ve decided to do a 30 before 30 list.  You know…  A bucket list of big things you want to do before you turn 30.  I’ve got some big life events on the list that I know will happen next year as well as many things that I feel like I should have done while I was young, but was too busy studying or working to do.  I want to do thinks like learn how to bar tend and play darts while I’m still young enough for these things to be socially acceptable.  No, I’m not going to quit my career and go work at a Coyote Ugly type bar, but a girl my age should no how to mix a martini or margarita for her girl friends when they come over to watch a chic flick.

Not all of my list is young and silly.  Also included on the list is 30 random acts of kindness.  They don’t have to be huge.  I can pick up the tab for a mom at Subway getting her kids lunch or offer to take a shopping cart back when someone has their hands full.  There is no doubt that my first 30 years have been a blessing, and I think it will do my soul good to mindfully do nice things for others over the next year.

That’s my plan.  The clock started ticking on my list… 30 things in about one year… I better get busy.