What a Beautiful Baby!

The Fourth of July is rapidly approaching and that means one thing to me.  Family.  On one hand, it will kill my soul to have my first Fourth without my dad.  Now, I know that seems like a stretch for most.  But, my dad LOVED the Fourth.  He sparkled with childhood over it.  It was BBQ’s, swimming in the lake, fireworks, roasted marshmallows, family and none of the bull that comes with the more commercialized holidays.  We love the Fourth.

In preparation of bribing my nephew to love me, (yes, I’ll stoop really low) I went to BuyBuyBaby to gather the bait.  Curious George is his love.  My nephew, Matthew, is my love.  And, so it seems only logical to bring all that love together by getting him a plush new Curious George stuffed animal.

After gathering my loot for Matthew and a few things for my soon to be niece, Molly, I proceeded towards the exit with Curious George cradled lovingly in my arms.  There I was stopped by a lovely young women, who exclaimed, “What a beautiful baby!?!?”…

Do what?  My babies look like stuffed monkeys? 😦

Now, I’m sure the women was just in “complement everyone on their babies mode.” But really.  That’s almost as harsh as being asked how far along you are, when you aren’t even pregnant.

The real win came though when I was able to turn Curious George around watch the expression on her face change.  I said nothing.  Just smiled and sauntered on.  And, no, my babies would not look like stuffed monkeys.

Hope you and the monkeys in your life have a very happy Fourth of July too!



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