Frosty Drops His Drawers

I could care less about Christmas this year.  This little elf has been struggling.  Yet, in an effort to press onward, I decided that I would put up one Christmas decoration and see if Santa could send me some Christmas cheer.

My starter ornamentation was a snowman.  He was a few feet tall with a carrot nose, a Christmas vest, and green trousers to round out his belly.  I set Frosty up in my yard before work one morning, and pulled out of my drive way smug with the success of being the only neighbor with even an inkling of Christmas cheer this year.  Frosty wasn’t so bad.  Maybe I could do this Christmas thing this year.

But then I arrived home.  And what to my wondrous eyes did appear, but Frosty had dropped his drawers while I was at work.  Apparently, Frosty had packed in one too many snow flakes, and the velcro holding up his pants gave way to the pressure.  His drawers had dropped, and so had the gavel with the homeowners ASSociation.  I walked up to my door to read a notice about the importance of maintaining yard ornamentation in keeping with the spirit of the neighborhood.  Bah. Humbug.

Needless to say, I didn’t trim a tree, or deck the halls, or put out cookies for Santa this year.  Even though I have to roll my eyes at the HOA, I think Frosty dropping trou in my front yard was about all that really brought me joy at the holidays.  It was a good reminder to laugh some- life’s short.  I definitely want to the neighbor celebrating the snowy moon (in the sky or on Frosty’s behind) rather than the Scrooge writing a stuffy letter about Frosty’s pants.  Looking back, the sheer absurdity of that level of Scroogery was about the only way I was going to put my Scrooginess in check this year.  I guess sometimes we get what we need– not always what we want.


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