Big Bird Snuggles

Man, I love having a birthday on Halloween!  It’s really the best.  How could I possibly remain in a funk when Big Bird ran over to me to hug me on my birthday?  Big Bird and I embraced at the end of slow run towards each other, and then chatted for awhile.  We were joined by Elmo, who came over to giggle a bit.  They both showed me the signs on their backs that read, “Disclaimer: these costumes were purchased before any political comments were made, and does not reflect any political philosophy.”   We laughed and talked about how much fun it is to work for a place that has men walking around as fireplaces and women with 3-ring binders on their heads (binders full of women.)  Much to my chagrin, I realized later that I had been joking around with the president of our company.  Sigh…

Despite my desire for denial about aging another year.  The day was good.  I faced it armed with the opal my dad gave me on my 16th birthday.  And it was made complete with precious kids who turn into serious monsters on their 50 piece of candy, as well as a bloody hand in my office chair when I came back from lunch.  A little laughter always goes a long ways.

Hope your Halloween was good too!


3 thoughts on “Big Bird Snuggles

  1. When I was a kid, I dressed up as a witch every year…it was my birthday, what else could I be? My brothers and sister were much more interested in going trick or treating than celebrating my birthday! After I grew up and had children of my own, the old pattern was picked up…they’d rather go trick or treating than celebrate mom’s birthday! Soooo, I never felt like it was a great day for a birthday. But it’s been my birthday now for 74 years! One good thing about this date is that folks don’t forget my birthday! I had a very good birthday yesterday! I’m glad you did too! 😉

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