Happy Birthday Mattie Bug

If there is one thing my brother has ever done extra “right,” it’s that cute little boy in the center of this picture. He is a giggling, pooping. climbing machine who knows how to melt Aunt Bonnie’s heart. Being an aunt is the BEST! It’s pure joy mixed with some rubber ducky bath times and a dash of dirty diaper bombs.

Matthew, or “Mattie Bug” as I like to call him (much to my brother’s dismay), turned one last week, and we celebrated in style. We went to a petting zoo, a punkin chuckin contest, a hayride, a pumpkin patch, and we topped it all off with cake to be worn, not eaten. Now if that’s not a way to roll in your first birthday in style, I don’t know what is.

For those of you unfamiliar with the sophisticated intricacies of the redneck ways, let me enlighten you on the science– dare I say art- of punkin chunkin. Punkin chunkin is a pressurized cannon loaded with pumpkins and straw which are launched into open cow pastures. You are judged for distance or accuracy, but the real fun comes in making bets on the safety of the BMW parked a little too close to cow pasture. The best part was how Mattie Bug clapped and squealed with us as we watched pumpkin spray all over the field. Proof that the fruit don’t fall far (from its Daddy; Mommy was covering her ears).

So, happy first birthday to my favorite nephew! You are a joy who makes it worthwhile to get up every day, as well as 7 times every night. I LOVE YOU!!!


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