A Hardee’s Anniversary

My parent’s celebrated their 37th anniversary on June 26th.  It was an anniversary we never expected to see.  Not a single doctor (nor family member) thought my dad would live to see it.  In fact, in the draft of his obituary that my mother and I would encouraged to write ahead of time, we wrote that they had been married 36 years.  Guess he showed us.

Aside from the fact that we are all exhausted,  Thursday was a pretty happy day.  Darin sent Mom and Dad a beautiful peace lily with two red roses on display.  My dad’s office staff sent cake and ice cream, and insisted that he get the rose so he could get the most icing.  (He loves the icing.)  Mom gave him some jazz and bluegrass CDs.  Dad and I got mom a new tree for her yard, which she LOVED, and a handmade mandolin set in a sea shell because they had their honeymoon at the beach and my father was an avid mandolin player.  To top off the evening, we got food brought in from Hardee’s.  My dad has always loved to eat.  After their wedding, they made it 30 minutes down the road before my dad was hungry again, so they stopped at the nearest restaurant they could find for their first meal as husband and wife; that restaurant was Hardee’s.

Sometimes, I hope I can take joy in such small things as my parents have.  Their honeymoon was so small, at a beach just a few hours from here. The highlight was a frozen yogurt place that my mom fell in love with, so my dad took her there every day.  I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want to have my honeymoon somewhere exotic like Thailand.  I also would have laughed hysterically at my husband for being so hungry that he needed to eat 30 minutes after a reception filled with food.  I would have gladly eaten at Hardee’s with him, but it would have been amusing.

On the other hand though, the take out brought home from Hardee’s to share with my parents on their 37th anniversary was one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten.  I may have more lavish hopes for somethings, but that simple burger shared on an anniversary that nobody thought would come was one of the sweetest meals of my life.

Love you Mom and Dad.


2 thoughts on “A Hardee’s Anniversary

  1. Bonnie – Every time you write, it reminds me that joy comes in small bits and sorrow will always be manageable. Your feel for what it is in being human that makes us all immortal is a precious gift you share here. Thank you.

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