How to Protest- Lessons from Baby Matthew

The last few days have been a whirlwind.  My brother, his wife and my precious nephew came to visit.  Matthew was thoroughly disenchanted with traveling over 1000 miles in two days to come visit.  In fact, he voiced his protest in the only way a 9 month knows how to…  He pooped in his car seat 30 minutes down the road and proceeded to smear it all over the car, himself, and yes, the child ate some too.  This debacle all happened while my brother was towing a ton, literally, of household supplies to their new house in Tennessee.  My brother screamed, “SHIT!” and his wife Leighia asked “What?”  He repeated, “No really!  Shit!  Shit everywhere!  Get the baby!!!”  So, being a good wife and mother, Leighia did acrobatics to propel herself into the backseat to restrain the irate baby as he tried to further cover her in his excrement.  Apparently, it takes time to pull off the interstate when you’re hauling a trailer with a ton behind you truck, but they eventually found respite on the side of the highway.  Then they realized they were nearly out of baby wipes and the diaper changing station was no where to be found.  So, they began cleaning precious, little Matthew up on the side of the highway where he proceeded to crawl into a pile of fire ants.  After cleaning him up and getting rid of the ants, they looked at their pile of shit and shit covered clothing.  Leighia asked Rob, “How opposed are you to littering?”  My brother replied, “In this case, just get it into the woods.”  Ahhhh, the joys of parenthood.

So, that is the kind of excitement I’ve been living with for the last week.  I’m going to miss his mischievousness.  He loves climbing and is curious about EVERYTHING.  I love him so much.  And, while enjoying watching my brother handling baby debacles is sure to earn me some bad-future-baby-karma points, I think I’m just  going to have to laugh at them anyhow.


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