The Joneses Get Their Wings

This week my brother, Rob, got his wings.  Despite a couple PT debacles that culminated in his officer oversleeping for his final PT test, Rob’s commander pushed him through graduation in hopes that he could come home soon to be with our family.

So today, he graduated from flight school with the US Army.  He’ll be flying Mike model blackhawks for Uncle Sam. We were initially heartbroken to not be able to go to his graduation to celebrate his work and achievements.  But, sometimes there are plans greater than any individual could contrive.

My brother’s wife texted my mom and me today right when my brother was about to graduate.  I kid you not…  The very next moment, an Army helicopter (a chinook to be exact) flew over our house.  My cell phone started ringing off the hook from friends asking if we saw it, and the visitors at our house stood in shock.  The chopper was so close you could feel the house tremble.  It was the only way possible, given the distance between us, that my dad, mother, and I could celebrate my brother getting his wings, and in that moment, we all knew it.  It was an immeasurable gift that could only have come from those who fly without aid of equipment.

Congratulations Rob!  We are so proud of you, and I am so happy we could celebrate with you today in our own unique way.


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