My Apologies to the Meatheads of the Gym

I try to be a fairly open minded, understanding person. I’ve taken numerous sensitivity classes, and spend lots of time personally reflecting on what it must be like to live in someone else’s shoes. I’m a social worker for heaven’s sake. But, I have my faults and my biases. When I see an attractive women walk by wearing less clothes than the washcloth I use in the shower, I admittedly want to shake her, and yell in her face that she would still have value if she dressed like a lady and not the tramp.

I also loathe those meatheads in the gym. You know that guy. The guy walking around after every rep, constantly looking in the mirror, and grunting in the corner. I usually mind my own business, roll my eyes and wonder if that ‘thing’ has a brain cell anywhere in his head.

In the past two weeks, I’ve been taking a class on weightlifting with a friend of mine. I mostly did it because I needed a hobby, and am burnt out on my old standbys– swing dance and martial arts. I love it. It’s empowering to look at something that weighs more than a child and sling it over your head. A few days ago, I squatted down in front of the barbell, set my position, and tried to force the barbell over my head. Out slipped a guttural, “Aaaaaaah!” What was that? Did I- miss prim and proper- just grunt? I struggled to lift it over my head, checking my position in the mirror, and promptly dropped the barbell to the ground. I walked away from it having just failed the rep, and strutted around the gym try to catch my breath. Grunt? Strut? Even staring at myself in a mirror? What has happened to me?

Lifting weight is hard. The goal is to thrust various amounts of steel over you head before a hemorrhoid pops out of your behind. You strut around after every rep because you desperately need to catch you breath. You look in the mirror because if your posture is bad, you WILL get injured. You grunt because, well, did I mention steel and hemorrhoids.

So, I need to extend my deepest apologies to the meatheads of the gyms. I am sure some of you are just going through the motions, but most of you are probably doing your best to get a good workout in. Who knows, maybe next month, I’ll be more understanding when a women saunters by in her washcloth.


4 thoughts on “My Apologies to the Meatheads of the Gym

  1. Great meathead explanation!

    FYI: It’s hard to see your form in baggy clothes. That’s why ballerinas wear leotards amd why women at the gym wear little clothes. Although butt cheeks and cleavage aren’t really necessary. 🙂

    • Funny you should bring ballet up. I spent last month in a ballet class, and plie-ed my fat rolls right over my hips. And decided that I was neither graceful enough nor inspired enough for ballet, but I completely appreciated how beautiful other women looked practicing it.
      I’ll give women and men alike a pass in the gym for non-baggy clothing… Thanks for stopping by!

      • LOL I took balley for five years (10-15). It sounded like this”Your other right!”.

        Great post!

      • Oh me too! I spent so much time looking down at my hands in L shapes trying to figure out which was the left, and fully acknowledging that the L also stood for loser in this case. Oh well. On to things that bring me more joy. It’s good to embrace both the things you are, and the things you aren’t. And, I am just not a ballerina.

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